Brand Identity + Development

Strong brands create a seamless experience across all consumer touchpoints. As London’s leading brand consultancy, we can help identify your brand identity, build a strong platform across all consumer touchpoints and harness it to create a consistent customer experience. With 40 years of experience working with both established and emerging brand identities, including Charlotte Tilbury and Facegym, we know what it takes to craft a disruptive brand. We work closely with our clients from the very beginnings of logo design right through to brand guidelines and packaging design. We also combine insight and creativity to manage brand identity including website design, marketing communications and social media.



Brand Identity

Our team create a seamless, innovative, market-disrupting brand identity from logo through to tone of voice. Whether you have a new or an established business, our team will assist you in developing your brand identity. Our brand consultants work collaboratively with clients from the very beginning of logo designs, right through to the retail branding and customer experience. We visually identify the business values and personality of your brand, and ensure this is maintained across all media channels.


Brand Guidelines

Our expert brand consultants aim to ensure your brand identity remains consistent throughout your business. FormRoom curates brand guidelines, in-depth guides designed to be easily understood and utilised by your internal and external teams, as part of our clients’ brand identity development. These guidelines will ensure that your tone of voice remains the same, regardless of who is writing your content, and your website and social media channels are tonally and visually consistent. Your guidelines also support training new employees, helping them understand your brand identity.


Packaging Design

Building on your brand identity we influence purchase behaviour by developing commercial, practical, engaging and innovative packaging design. Continuing your consistent brand identity across every touchpoint, culminates in your packaging design. Your packaging may be the final touchpoint, assimilating itself into your customers life. Utilising your visual identity to create engaging, memorable packaging is key to your successful brand.


Online Identity

Brand identity should be consistent across all channels, running seamlessly between in-store and online experiences. To customers, a brand is a single concept. Ensuring this identity is maintained online ensures your customers have a familiar user experience and can connect across multiple platforms. Brand guidelines should be present in your website’s design and in the tone of your onsite content. It should also be consistent across all social media channels to ensure your brand message is conveyed appropriately. We implement a coherent transition between all online channels, protecting your brand image and connecting with customers across all touchpoints.


Marketing Communication

Once your brand identity and guidelines have been established, our brand consultancy specialists will apply this as part of a wider marketing and communication strategy. Whether through social media or advocacy, we can help showcase your identity and spread your brand message to a range of online and offline audiences. Sponsorships, investments and collaborations are just some of the ways we establish brand awareness. For emerging brands, we craft key stakeholder brand presentations.

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