Clapham Store Design

Baby Mori

After a successful online-only venture, sustainable children’s sleepwear brand Baby Mori approached FormRoom to help realise their first permanent space in London.

As part of Baby Mori’s ambitions to be a market-disrupting brand, the brief called for FormRoom to translate the organic product offering into an experiential and customer-driven retail concept.

Project Features

Retail Design
Store Fit-Out

Insight + Strategy

Mori, translating to ‘Forest’ is a nod to the purity of nature. Curved, organic shapes that hero Mori’s soft, calm and inviting products touch on brands heritage and mission.

As ‘community’ is one of Baby Mori’s key brand pillars, we designed a dwell space within the store for customers to sit, relax and breastfeed comfortably.

With 58% of customers discovering the brand initially from social media, we integrated the recognisable logo – logo’s elliptical eyes – on soft furnishings and product units.

After customer research, the sleepsuit championed first time sales with 71% of shoppers purchasing from the sleepwear category. With this in mind, we made a module, bespoke unit to showcase the innovative product.

A space to host family-focused groups and exclusive brand events where a community can grow.

Design + Manufacture

With a focus on the brand’s key message ‘science of soft’, FormRoom designed the dream-like interior to engage visitors of all ages.

The interior – drawing from a day and night colour palette and organic shapes – amplifies the brands message; experts in sleep, trusted by parents and a kinder life-cycle.

Inspired by dreamy, cloud-like textures, we designed the space to be playful yet project a calming atmosphere for parents to unwind. Adding playful design cues, we included shape blocks for child entertainment and striking lighting fixtures.

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