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FormRoom designed and built the concession space, combining wall separators and black trimming to showcase five eye-catching set designs. Each unit has been fitted with the latest Swoon collection, from stylish accents to statement pieces with complementing brass textures.

Project Features

Retail Interior Design
Interiors & Furniture


Overall design took inspiration from Mondrian. We wanted to find a way to create separate rooms within the concession without making it feel cluttered. Keeping the textures smooth, with narrow metal framework created a simplistic and minimalistic aesthetic that compliments the brand. The design allows for flexibility for remaining concessions for Debenhams which vary in size and layout.

We also created a dedicated ‘Design Studio’ within the space, adding a layer of personalisation to the customer experience.

Minimalistic aesthetic that compliments the brand.

“A partnership with Debenhams in their Westfield White City store will complement our own temporary showroom that pop-up regularly across the UK and gives us a permanent space for customers to be able to experience our furniture. We’re excited about the opportunity to introduce Swoon to a new audience of existing Debenhams customers’’

Nicki Lynch Chief Customer Officer at Swoon Editions


FormRoom constructed bespoke steel frames, powder coated black as the core structure. It’s what brought the concession together and played a key element in the design. Large fire rated MDF panels were fixed into the metal frames to act as room dividers. The MDF panels were sprayed for a clean, minimalistic finish.

A 3m diameter plinth was produced from MDF substructure, ACP side panelling, spray painted with ACP ‘top’, and machined ‘lip’. This was for the ‘New’ area to allow for larger furniture to be displayed and as a focal point to highlight new collections.

Suspended illuminated signage that give a 360 degrees view was produced for ease of wayfinding. Large display cabinets constructed from plywood structure, sprayed with a lacquered finish dominate the concession.

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