In-store Concession

Tata Harper

Uncompromising skin care brand Tata Harper approached FormRoom to design and manufacture their first worldwide concession within the landmark Dublin based department store Arnotts.

From initial discussions it was clear that the brand, who grow all their own organic ingredients, wanted a clean, open lab design that incorporated fine, luxurious notes, all while keeping the element of sustainable materiality at the forefront of design.

Key to this in-store brand blueprint, was scalability. Tata Harper have large ambitions to open many more concessions in the not too distant future; so, we worked very closely with the brand to develop this concession, as their blueprint design that we would take forward with them, as they continue to grow.

Project Features

Retail Interior Design
Interiors & Furniture

Brand Development

A key example of this growth, is the idea of future forecasting. To achieve this, FormRoom and Tata Harper sat down to discuss how a 100% natural skincare brand can really go above and beyond for their customer. Enter these cleverly designed, European first, highly reflective, touchscreen mirrors which offer the customer to take a video of themselves going through their Tata Harper skincare routine, as well as that all important selfie.

To really connect with that customer, they can forward the video, or image, directly to their email address for a quick and smooth upload to social media.

Whilst the selfie capability for these mirrors is paramount, Tata Harper also wanted an area where the customer could run through a quick survey to find out the best products for them.

Taking the algorithm from the Tata Harper website, FormRoom developed the complete software package that has now been installed into the mirrors which helps customers navigate the products without the need for assistance from a sales associate.

We developed this concession as their blueprint design that we would take forward with them.

“We want a focus on customer experience, and product interaction. Merchandise would be minimal and clean. Feels like you are in your own home – approachable but luxe sophisticated.”

Dashelle Jauhari Director, Events & Special Projects at Tata Harper Skincare

Design + Manufacture

All materials selected were chosen for their sustainable nature, from natural FSC approved woods, to recycled aluminium we sourced only the best to guarantee the brand could maintain their natural high-performance mantra.

The vanity area design allows customers to navigate all the products Tata Harper offers as well as being aided by a member of staff to guide them through their routine.
The table area is designed for the many communal events that take place in the space, from Tata herself giving beauty tips to one-on-one skincare tips. The circular plinths tell the story behind the product, small details including the terrarium containing 7 of their natural flowers.

Alongside the 100% natural product, the engaging design gives you a way to experience the farm, and all its freshness, within the shopping experience.

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