National Roll-Out

Costa Coffee

FormRoom and Costa Coffee have formed a partnership which encompasses a broad range of brand identity and commercial design services.

We were initially approached by the global team to partner on the evolution of their flagship store design, which subsequently rolled out to a trial selection of locations nationally.

Project Features

Brand Identity
Project Management
Food & Beverage

Brand Identity

Key to this revitalised store blueprint was the communication of Costa’s core brand mission of inspiring the world to love great coffee together with communicating their rich heritage story from the humble beginning of 3 brothers in 1971.

Firstly, FormRoom worked to establish a brand identity and set of visual codes, which were used to develop a set of store experiences that expressed brand personality traits of courageous, passionate and playful.

Crafting a new personality with the nation’s no.1 coffee brand.

FormRoom have developed such a deep understanding and guardianship with the Costa brand team that we are now retained to consult and advise on all aspects of store environment, art direction and brand experience globally.

David Roberts Brand Director, FormRoom


Our design team demonstrated these needs across a variety of expressions, from original wall art and installations to bespoke sculpture, wayfinding and illustration. We worked collaboratively to instruct a variety of production techniques to express the brand’s values of hand craftmanship and innovation.

Highlighting the bean roasting process, we suspended part-roasted beans in glass spheres.

A wall art installation combined mirrors in a variety of sizes displayed together to form an organic shape and mimic the top view of coffee cups. A mixture of concave, convex and flat mirrors to add a playful element as they distort.

A second wall installation consists of layering laser cut latte art stencils of various scales. A gradient of brand colour is applied across all the stencils to unite it as one piece of artwork. The texture of the wood is still visible behind the painted surface to retain a handcrafted, tactile feel.

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