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Hilton Bournemouth 

FormRoom worked in collaboration with That Group to create the ‘business spa’ for the Hilton Bournemouth. Featuring eight unique meeting spaces, FormRoom developed innovative installations that would capture the pace, creativity and diversity of business, both methods and materials.

Project Features

Retail Interior Design
Interiors & Furniture

Insight + Strategy

FormRoom worked closely with the client from research and insight, to initial concept and installation.

We developed the meeting room themes, ranging from ‘Rule’ and ‘Balance’, to ‘Centrefold’, which all reflect the order and organisation required in business. Fitting within the bespoke design of each conference room, each installation looked to promote creativity and productivity for guests.

Each installation looked to promote creativity and productivity.


Created as an homage to effective administration, FormRoom created installations inspired by classic office equipment such as staplers, rulers and protractors to reflect the precision needed for decision making. From typewriters emerging out of the walls to bowler hats hanging from the ceiling.

The ‘Not a Wind Up’ meeting room reflected the importance of time management. This sculpture features an original 30’s clocking in machine with origami clocking in cards; both a reminder of the importance of time management in business and a play on the old adage ‘time flies’.

The ‘Not So Mad’ room references the creative industry, including the cult TV show, through vintage advertisements and 60’s pop-art figures detailed with character props.
The ‘Poise’ room focuses on confidence. We installed vintage Anglepoise lights to suggest the importance of flexibility which allow you to shed new light on difficult problems.

“Our meetings area is unique. Think Of it as a business spa, a place for Businessmen and women to work in surroundings that both refresh and inspire.”

Hilton Bournemouth

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