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Transform your customer experience with immersive, interactive store environments. FormRoom create interactive design & memorable in-store experiences.

Calling upon four decades of experience at the forefront of retail interior design, we know what it takes to make a store stand out. Here at FormRoom we understand that customers aren’t satisfied with outdated, static store designs in the digital era. Retailers can only thrive by adapting for modern audiences, offering immersive interiors and unforgettable experiences.

Our team of interior architects have specialist expertise in creating fully-immersive designs and layouts for retailers of all sizes. These projects can incorporate elements of set design, digital imagery, 3D graphics, virtual reality and interactivity in the form of iPads and other touch screens.

To outweigh the convenience of online shopping and attract customers to the high street, retail stores need to create memorable brand experiences. An immersive store design from FormRoom will satisfy customers’ needs for authenticity and interaction in their shopping. Ecommerce, though popular, can never give consumers the entertainment that brick and mortars can through interactive experiences.

No matter what kind of immersive experience you desire for your store, our team of designers will be there every step of the way to create an environment with strong vision that meets and exceeds your criteria.

Our Work

Conscious Lounge

This multi-faceted exhibition explored H&M’s global supply process, highlighting the brand’s dedication to sustainability and transparency across a number of engaging experiences.


Concept Design

We develop all our interactive retail environments with our clients, using our strategic ability and experience to meet their objectives, aesthetically, and in terms of brand impact. Every concept we create is guaranteed to be rich, relevant, and engaging—sure to lure shoppers away from their laptops.

3D Visualisation

To demonstrate our immersive designs, our in-house 3D visualisers create impeccable 3D renders. These allow clients to see how their stores will look before construction begins. These visualisations represent everything about the finished projects, from lighting and texture to colour and form. The aesthetic of the interactive environment will be clear from this render alone.

Technical Drawings

As well as impressive 3D renders, FormRoom provides clients with complete technical drawing packs. These packs will include design intent documents, elevation plans and floor plans, along with plumbing and electrical plans and technical drawings.


Brand Experience

Commercial Interior
Design that makes a

FormRoom’s commercial interior design services provide everything a business could need. Working from our award-winning design studio in Shoreditch, we create innovative and exciting interior designs for the retail and hospitality sectors. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the retail world, including Harrods, Selfridges and Chanel, to create trend-setting designs and interiors. FormRoom can also offer bespoke manufacturing services, creating unique items of furniture or handling lighting for clients.

Our bespoke interior designs lead to better customer experiences, enticing consumers into our clients’ stores, and encouraging purchases and positive brand experiences. Our innovative, high-quality work helps retailers compete in the modern marketplace. Online shopping doesn’t have to be a threat. An absorbing and immersive store interior will make sure it isn’t.

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