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Restaurant +
Cafe Interior Design

Restaurant +<br>Cafe Interior Design

Applying our understanding of consumer behaviour to restaurant and cafe interior design, FormRoom creates innovative brand experience. Interior design that stimulates the senses, complements the delicious food on offer and conveys brand identity throughout. At FormRoom, we can help you craft your brand message, and ensure this is integrated within the interior design.

Our expert team of restaurant interior designers specialise in creating inspiring spaces for coffee shops and eateries. Understanding consumer needs is key to designing the right experience. We delve into your market, target audience, competitor and future trends to ensure we design a unique and relevant experience.

We work with emerging brands like Lollipop and Milktrain, alongside established brands like Costa to challenge and define their brand experience.

Restaurant +<br>Cafe Interior Design
Our Work

Hilton Bournemouth: Schpoons & Forx Restaurant

In collaboration with That Group for Hilton, FormRoom designed and produced statement artwork and conceptual installations to bring the brand to life.


Concept Design

We use market research and customer insight to develop concepts for clients that make the right brand impact – from global brands to community-centric brands. We ensure our interior designs convey your brand ethos and connect with your community. Our design studio is based in Shoreditch, allowing our interior designers to draw on the rich culture of the surrounding area to deliver fresh and unique designs.

3D Visualisation

At FormRoom, our expert restaurant interior designers create stunning and atmospheric 3D renderings of your restaurant or cafe, so you can clearly see the concept come to life. Our 3D visualisations are often used as an inspiring tool to discuss concession and pop-up propositions, creating business opportunities.

Technical Drawings

At FormRoom, we first develop our concept designs into design intent drawings to test manufacturing feasibility and costings. Moving into manufacturing, we develop a full technical drawing pack across elevations, plumbing and electrical plans, and technical drawings for bespoke joinery and fixtures.


Brand Experience

Commercial Interior

We craft memorable experiences through interior design. We spend time in your market, with your customer, observing your business as well as sifting through the latest data to ensure we design future-proofed experiences that your customer will want to re-visit.

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