Shoreditch Restaurant

Absurd Bird

Taking root in Commercial Street, FormRoom were invited to work with hospitality designers DesignLSM on Absurd Bird’s restaurant. From hot smoked chicken to hurricane popcorn, this Southern inspired, gourmet chicken joint brings the weird, wonderful and ‘Absurd’ to London.

Project Features

Retail Interior Design
Interiors & Furniture
Food & Beverage

Brand Development: 

The quirky interior captures Absurd Bird’s characterful brand identity, whilst creating a relaxed environment for diners to enjoy the comforts of Southern hospitality and food. The story of Absurd Bird tells the tale of two outcast birds who form an unlikely friendship and embark on a series of outlandish adventures, including a jailbreak from the cuckoo’s nest.

The interior reflects the playful nature of the brand narrative. The restaurant is furnished with cages and quirky references to a cuckoo imprisonment. Customers can engage in the surrounding narrative whilst dining, creating a unique experience for the Shoreditch branch.

The atmosphere of a soul-warming, comfort food environment.

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2017, Shortlisted ‘Best Multiple Restaurant’

Casual Dining Awards 2017, Shortlisted ‘Best Designed Independent’

Design + Manufacture

With the Absurd Birds narrative central to the design, FormRoom and DesignLSM carefully crafted cues to be positioned throughout the restaurant. Furnishing finishes such as cement tables brandished with bird footprints, neon signage and birdhouse lighting contribute to the ongoing theme. Colour-blocking wood chairs and paisley print stools finished with gold leaf inject the space with a youthful twist.

The assembled look of the furniture, reclaimed wood flooring and corrugated iron panels create an urban aesthetic for diners, whilst reinforcing the atmosphere of a soul-warming, comfort food environment.

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