Schpoons & Forx Restaurants

Hilton Bournemouth

Formroom were invited to work in collaboration with That Group for the new Hilton in Bournemouth to create statement spoon and fork themed artworks for their new Schpoons & Forx restaurant.

Project Features

Retail Interior Design
Interiors & Furniture
Food & Beverage


Keeping with the tongue and cheek humour of do you “Schpoons” or do you “Forx”, FormRoom created a show-stopping installation suspended around the entire open kitchen. Offering guests a memorable dining experience, the restaurant interior includes copper foiled windows, rich wood finishes, an and an open kitchen. While striking feature lighting sets the lively atmosphere.

Above the open kitchen, FormRoom re-created a traditional painting based on the infamous Last Supper, but with a modern twist. As a contemporary spin on the composition, the figures are in contemporary costume, heads are replaced with individually painted spoons and forks and fixing real cutlery to appear stabbed into the canvas.

380 spoons and forks were dipped in a rich black and copper finish.

“Featuring a lively open kitchen, we added an element of theatre to the dining experience.”

Hilton Bournemouth


The centrepiece is constructed out of wooden spoons and forks which are suspended from copper piping fixtures that are attached to the ceiling. In keeping with the luxurious interior, each of the 380 spoons and forks were dipped in a rich black and copper finish. We also created spoon and fork centrepieces in plant pots for the bar area.

The re-imagined ‘Last Supper’ artwork was digitally rendered and amended with cutlery faces. The print was then meticulously over-painted with acrylics and glazes for an authentic representation, and finished with a large ornate frame. This centrepiece looked to add a sharing theme and conversation point for diners.

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