Paris Store Design


FormRoom collaborated with The Edje to develop the designs of Dove’s new store in Paris.

The design direction was impactful in-store installations, combining the iconic brand identity and personalised customer experience. The result was a beautifully intricate mixology and engraving bar, and a series of bespoke Dove visuals.

Project Features

Retail Interior Design

Brand Identity

FormRorm worked closely with the Dove visual team to create a seamless, market-disrupting brand experience from the moment someone steps into the store.

FormRoom developed visuals that capture the refined simplicity of Dove’s brand and utilises the fluidity of geometrics forms seen in Dove product and packaging.

A beautifully intricate mixology and engraving bar.

“Focus on growing as a customer-focused brand.”



The space focuses around a stylish central bar formed from the iconic shape of the Dove beauty bar. Real Dove beauty bars are grouped under the glass countertop, the texture of which becomes a tactile reference throughout the rest of the store. Above is a ceiling of bespoke Dove lights and behind is a multi-media video wall.

The central bar is flanked by a dove sink station, with a feature wall comprising of Dove beauty bars, a mixology bar where customers can create their own Dove body products and a show stopping liquid Dove installation.

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