Pop-Up Bar, Brazil


FormRoom were invited to help design the Pilot Fruttare pop-up in Brazil, developing a concept which would be rolled out worldwide. The bar will treat customers to ‘Granitas’ – a mix of fresh fruit, Fruttare ice-cream and whole host of delicious ingredients.

Located on the corner of Vila Madalena, an iconic neighbourhood renowned for vibrant street art, FormRoom found inspiration in the lively atmosphere and Fruttare products.

Project Features

Retail Interior Design
Interiors & Furniture
Food & Beverage

Brand Development

Fruttare sought to go above and beyond with this physical space, working to increase brand awareness and consumer engagement. The result was an immersive, vibrant environment which fully embodied the product and brand.

An immersive, vibrant environment which fully embodied the product and brand. 

“This looks gorgeous, thank you.” 

Kate Petridi


The space focuses on a more natural canvas, combining natural wood flooring, white furniture and living green walls. The in-store design was then splashed with vibrant colours in the form of a murals, fruity accessories and a ribbon wall installation. 

The bar front displayed fruit slices set in resin and back lit, while a feature wall was covered in an explosion of ice-cream sticks. FormRoom designed and built custom furniture in fruit inspired shapes, including hanging fabric chairs. Light fixtures with fruit shaped shades were suspended from the ceiling to add another element of fun to the design.

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