Ottawa, Canada

Ted Baker

FormRoom were invited to develop a proposal for various interior panel units at the Ted Baker Ottowa Store in Canada. The panels were based on the theme of construction toys, such as Meccano, and on items of Ted Baker apparel.

Project Features

Retail Interior Design
Interiors & Furniture


This site-specific theme is based on the engineering of bridges and the railways found locally in the Ottowa area. Our references included that of the Prince of Wales bridges and the type of details found in Ottowa’s train station’s architecture. The fitting rooms characterise train carriages, while the in-store design is complete with train-set sculptures, ticket stubs, suitcases and postcards.

The theme also has a strong reference to the Royal connection back to Britain and in the names and luxury train travel, which is used as a link to Ted Baker’s strong British heritage throughout the store.

Ted’s first class Ottawa store takes you on a Royal tour of Canada.

The interiors are playful, witty, luxurious and stylish – each one packed full of high quality fashion and quirky touches waiting to be discovered.

Ted Baker


To transport customers back to the environment of luxury train travel, we furnished faux leather luggage panels that are seen throughout the store. The panels were created at our in-house production facility in Ditchling and transported to Ottowa to be installed.

Adding to the railway theme, we installed a fixture of pressure gauges and copper pipework around the cash desk as well as carriage fittings for the sculptural lighting.

We worked on scale hand drawings, cardboard prototype samples and Illustrator files to produce laser cut metal  pieces.

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