Green Credentials

FormRoom is committed to investing into a sustainable and green future. As such we recognise the need to both reduce our carbon emissions and to instigate business practices that permit sustainable future operations.

We are going green by:


Within the construction industry it is difficult to be 100% green, due to the materials we use and the waste that is produced. However, all of our off-cuts of MDF, Plywood, Timber, Acrylic and Metal are now collected within a designated storage area within our workshop and are used by art students from the local colleges and universities.

We are also looking into purchasing a bailing machine to help with compacting our waste so we minimise the amount of times our bins need emptying and in turn reduce our carbon footprint.

We keep our skip usage to an absolute minimum.

Our electricity is supplied on a green tariff and our supplier is committed to the development of on and off shore wind-farms. The oil we use, for heating our offices and workshop, is the most eco-friendly available from our supplier.

We also turn off all lights and machinery (where possible) at the end of the day and when they are not in use.


Materials we reuse:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • PVC/Fabric
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Acrylics/Plasticsv
  • Metal
  • Polystyrenev
  • Wood

Our paint studio reuse all our plastic containers including milk bottles, food containers etc. We always use both sides of A4 paper when printing. We then shred all paper and use it for packing. (We try not to print unless necessary.)


We recycle all scrap paper, cardboard, cans, plastic containers, glass bottles and batteries wherever possible.

Packaging is an area which produces large amounts of waste, we help to combat this by recycling the materials and using EcoFlo an alternative to polystyrene chips. The product is water-soluble, biodegradable and compostable as well as obviously being reusable


We promote our ‘going green’ beliefs through various methods:

  • When requested we offer our clients a ‘green’ alternative. This includes proposing an eco-friendly, formaldehyde free, substitute to MDF. Where appropriate we suggest utilising Plywood (which isn’t completely eco-friendly, but is a lot less harmful than MDF).
  • We have researched in to, and ensured that, the suppliers we work have, or are, developing green alternatives and are committed to being as eco-friendly as possible.
  • When purchasing stationery and cleaning products we will always try to purchase recycled and fair-trade products, including 100% recyclable cardboard boxes and corrugated rolls.
  • Our wood is all sourced from FSC approved contractors, so we only buy timber from sustainable sources where forests are maintained and replenished.

Additionally we encourage our clients to adopt similar policies and preferentially use suppliers with strong environmental credentials.


We encourage our clients to ‘go green’ with the projects they commission us on. We inform them of the various green options available. These can be more expensive, however the props potentially have a longer shelf and can be reused so they pay for themselves over time and in turn are more eco-friendly.

We also ensure all our employees are aware of the importance of these activities and understand how and why we undertake them.


Trains are the preferred and suggested method for business travel rather than the use of cars.

We encourage employees and freelancers to share lifts or cycle to and from work.

We continually look at ways in which we could make eco-friendly improvements to our workshop


We continue to look into using more locally based suppliers so we can reduce transportation and in turn reduce our carbon footprint.

We are researching into ways in which we can recycle our plastic by waste and are looking into alternative eco-friendly options for the adhesives we use.
We are looking into a Carbon Balancing Scheme with the World Land Trust.

We have also assigned a dedicated person within the company to continually oversee reducing our carbon footprint over time, as well as keeping abreast of environmental issues and ensuring we are always looking at eco-friendly alternatives.

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