Insight + Strategy

Driven by market research and unrivalled consumer insight, FormRoom help shape disruptive and market-leading brands.

With decades of experience working internationally with both emerging and established brands such as Harrods, ME Hotel and Ted Baker, we understand what has gone before and look forward to shape future trends and behaviours. At FormRoom we understand that crafting a future-brand requires an understanding of your customers, their journey and the market as a whole. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ environment, using the insight we gain to develop strategies and create disruptive, market-leading brands. We do this through a variety of brand consulting methods.



Market Research

We conduct extensive market research, analysing your competition and environment to identify gaps in the market for your brand. We will discern the successes and shortcomings of your competitors, using this research to create disruptive strategies that will not only retain loyal customers but also win new business. By researching the market we can develop your brand’s purpose, which will be communicated throughout each of your brand’s touchpoints. In the digitally connected world, consumers are more informed than ever about the brands they love and are increasingly drawn to an authentic, unwavering brand purpose. As a leading London brand consultancy, this is something we can guarantee for your brand.


Customer Insights

We know that customer connection is the fundamental core of a disruptive brand. Our consumer insight research allows us to analyse your current and potential customer profile, through their needs and behaviour. We get to know your customers – who they are, what they like, what they don’t like, how they spend their time, where they shop, what is important to them. Understanding your customers and creating experiences tailored towards their needs is essential in building a connection with them. We form an authentic connections with customers; brand loyalty is key in creating a future brand.


Experience Mapping

Through experience mapping we look at how your customers interact with your brand through every touchpoint – in-store, online, mobile, advertising and through social media. We analyse user experience online and offline, gaining a greater understanding of customer engagement and how this supports your retail branding and message. We map omnichannel consumer paths to purchase, which in turn influence our experience design stages. This succeeds in creating a uniform journey and experience to further guarantee loyalty to your brand and attract new customers.


Future Forecasting

We develop market research, consumer insight and experience mapping into category-specific future consumer behaviours. We can then forecast the ways in which your brand can disrupt the marketplace. We explore trends within your market—on both a local and global scale—across culture, economy and human behaviour, gaining insights into how to move your brand forward. Trends are transient, we craft brand experiences that are prepared for future disruption.

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