There are 3 main pillars to what we do here at Formroom.

We find the most powerful brand experiences can be crafted via a combination of the three.  However, we’re a multi-talented team with a global network of collaborators, so there isn’t much we can’t do. Here is some of the basics we cover but get in touch if what you need isn’t on the list.


Explore our services below.




Market Research
Customer Insights
Experience Mapping
Future Forecasting
Brand Identity
Graphic Assets
Visual Guidelines
Concept Development
3D Visualisation
Technical & Tender Drawings
Project Management


Concept Development: Developing the look, feel and layout of the interior. Establishing sketches and mockups.

3D Visualisation: More accurate simulations of what the space could look like. Animation and 3D rendering.

Technical & Tender Drawings: Drawings that illustrate the technical specifications of the space and how it will be fabricated.

Project Management: Managing the project timeline, design and manufacture processes.

Insight & Strategy

Market Research: We carry out extensive competitor research to fully understand a markets landscape, climate, competitors and prospects. We establish both direct and indirect competitors, and identify trends.

Consumer Insight: Who is the current consumer? What are their demographics? Who do we want it to be?

Experience Mapping: We establish spatial zoning (how will the space be used?) How will staff and customers navigate the space?

Future Forecasting: What does the future of the industry look like? How will this effect customer behaviour?


Brand Identity: Establishing (or re-imagining) who your brand is, what it looks like, tone of voice and establishing the WHY.

Graphic Assets: Logos, fonts, imagery, artwork and print design.

Visual Guidelines: How to present, (and not present) visual assets.